Monthly Archive: March 2020

Mar 30

Problems with mortgage loans in Russia

The concept of “mortgages” has not appeared in Russian long ago. However, few know that since 1917 there have been services that provide residents with cash loans to buy housing. It is worthwhile to say that these operations have been very popular these days because such transactions have been strictly regulated. However, when housing began …

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Mar 24

There is no possibility to pay loans, what to do?

He wants to live with dignity in a world full of crises and chaos. And if it was not possible to just go and buy the necessary thing before, then with the advent of loans appeared in almost every person. However, the joy of buying does not always last long, because euphoria passes quickly when …

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Mar 21

Money loan without income certificate: what the banks issue, registration

Sometimes there are situations where cash is very urgent. At the same time, there is no time to collect the relevant documents for obtaining a loan. It happens differently. Most Russian residents have neither official nor minimum wage work. Salaries in the envelope, most Russians consider quite normal. True, until the moment you have to …

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Mar 16

Cash and credit operations of banks

A bank as a commercial institution can provide a large amount of financial services, but there will be two main types of operations – cash and credit. What are the specifics of those and others? How can the importance of both types of operations be traced to the development of the credit institution? Specifics of …

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Mar 08

Bank loans: types and conditions

Bank loans have now become a common source of funding for large acquisitions for both the public and businesses. A non-interested person can often find it difficult to deal with different loan offers and loan conditions. Bank loan – transfer of funds from a credit institution to a natural or legal person, subject to their …

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